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Coastlands Family Church




Our vision is for a healthy, compassionate, empowered and God-centred community in and around our church.




We will do this by leading our church members to love God passionately, serve people compassionately, and reach the world effectively.



Our vision, mission and values will drive us forward to become a transforming influence across our community.


We will sow a pioneering mentality into the ‘DNA’ of the church. There will be a fresh, excellent and relevant edge to all we do in the future.


We are not afraid of change and radical obedience to the ‘now’ word of God.


Through the credibility of a working model, we hope by God’s grace to be an example and help to equip other churches to make a significant difference through the establishment of God’s kingdom in their communities.


We want to make the most of the time we have left on earth. We will seek realistic involvement within the community through projects which will make a difference in people’s lives whilst encouraging and strengthening each other within the church.